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Charlie Roscoe


The earth speaks


Charlie Roscoe and Andreas Kornevall offer a Unique album of Native Flutes, Acoustic Guitar and Tribal Atmospheres. An Album inspired by the Tribal and Indigenous way of life and living lightly upon the earth. 


These Songs unfolded over many years and formed the backbone of many Jairamji songs, but here you get to hear pure and acoustic duets that flow so effortlessly from the flute, guitar and rich field recordings. 


Andreas is a master flute player and pours his heart and soul into his playing and Charlie has many years experience playing finger style guitar and passionately collecting field recordings and unique atmospheres. 


All the songs you hear were recorded 100 % live in various locations with little or no editing capturing the spirit of these inspirations exactly as they sound in real life. 


Charlie and Andreas are both actively engaged in The Healing Arts, Nature Awareness and Earth Restoration. 


This album will appeal to anyone with a gentle sprit and a wise mind!


released December 5, 2016 


Andreas Kornevall plays Native Flutes. 


Charlie Roscoe plays Acoustic Guitar, Percussion and Music production.

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