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One to One Sessions of Starguide Readings and Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a practice which is ancient. The type of Energy Healing that I practice I call "Multi Dimensional Energy Healing". This means that as a soul, or a spirit, we have an identity that exists outside of our line of sight, in multi dimensional reality. We have other lives, other timelines to look at, and places in us that are stuck , frozen or blocked , causing us issues in our present timeline, or incarnational reality. With Energy healing, we work to unblock, get un-stuck these symptoms offering the oppurtunity for more Joy, Light and Well Being to be the case in our Lives.

A session typically lasts an hour or more, and is done via skype in your own home. We meet, connect, and you share as much as you can about your situation, what you would like to work on. I then connect with my Higher Self, and propose a course of action to continue the healing Session. This may include Past Life healing, Relationship Cord healing, Energy Block release and anything else that my guides offer to assist the process. Then you rest, receive an mp3 recording of your session, and integrate over the next day or two. As soon as you are ready after a day or two you may book again.

Energy Healing, Multi Dimensional Energy work, Channeling and connecting to Guides is 100 % safe. there is no danger, except the danger of improving your situation!

If this calls to you, you can book immediately here on the booking form when there is a timeslot free, and you will receive a welcome email when you have booked explaining everything you need to know.

futher info on Energy Healing


When you book a session we can work with several modalities


- Energy Healing.

- Channeled Readings 

- Past Life Healing

- Energy Field Repair

- Relationship Cord Healing

- Trauma Release

- Life Coaching/ Abundance Attunements

- Suicide Counselling

- Darkness Release

- Sound Healing

Sometimes, a blockage can be so profound it can take many sessions to access the heart of the issue and come to healing. I take this work very seriously and strive to bring the highest quality to my clients and friends working who come for a healing. Its magical work and im proud to facilitate healing work with all souls who are choosing to move higher in their evolution.

Can anyone work as a healer?

Each human has a kind of inbuilt technology that they can awaken, develop and work with. We all have a set of Guides, or Spiritual Allies that we can connect to and help other people with. As soon as you have made the decision to try to alleviate suffering and help make changes on the Earth, you will activate this dormant part of yourself. In essence, As you awaken on the path of Healing and being in service, you will remember the connections you have in the spiritual (non-physical) dimension of Life. Some of us may already have connections to extremely powerful and ancient energies that are sleeping like a very positive volcano that can erupt and come forward at the perfect time to assist others. Some of us may need more time, using this life and many more to develop these gifts in the right amount of time that allows our personal healing process to unfold without drama.

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