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Rejuvenation Program - New Offering


Welcome Dear Friend.

This Page is to give you an In Depth Introduction to my most recent Offering.

You are welcome to book a Free Discovery session to see if this program is for you.

If you Long for deep rest, deep healing and a complete workout of your energy system, then this package is for you.

For many years I have worked as a channel and energy healer, assisting those around me with readings and channelled healings, with the beings and levels of consciousness that I am able to connect with.


During Covid, I was making alot of recordings, and during these times I was given instructions to offer out this method of working with people, to offer a much deeper and intricate process that you the receiver can invite in.

lets open the door and go into what this package offers.

Within you, as a Human, you have a strong Opinion about Life and Death. That is to say, you will die, one day. What is programmed within you, is a Belief system, that tells you how that death is going to occur, and therefore, how the quality of your life will unfold. 

For many people, there is a belief that for perhaps the last part of your life, you are likely to experience a great deal of pain and torment. And indeed, in many cases , as we see all around us, this is the case. We see elderly people suffering, losing their vibrant health, and letting go of the habits and patterns that allow you to enjoy a good , strong healthy life. 

Energy Healing, when focused in this way, for this particular effort, intends to stretch out, dissolve and move away beliefs that you might allow this to become your reality. 

The package offers 8 Hours of energetic transmissions, either by distance, where you do not need to attend , the sessions, or in person, one week apart, starting every monday, if you are able.

As the sessions progress, the Healings invite in deeper levels of awakened Light, and Higher Consciosuness, into your Energy System and Mind, aswell as in person channellings from my higher guides, The Hathors, and Arcturians. The Intention is to offer a Deep Shift to your relationship with Death, Health and how Strong you would like to be, as long as you are in a body.

The Arcturians brought this to me, and they are absolute masters of Physical and Spritual Medicine. You will have ample time to dialogue with these beings, ask questions and receive guidance and healing all along the way.

If this program is for you, I very much look forward to unfolding our sacred time together.

To book, follow this link. The Time you book will be the first session and we can arrange suitable times for the ongoing sessions, but the same time each week can be a good way to work together.


Comprehensive Healing Program

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