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Charlie Roscoe


Greetings Dear friends,

Welcome to my online home, and Im pleased you have found your way here because there is so much I have to share with you that I'm excited about.

If you have become aware of your connection to Healing, Meditation, Channeling and Multi Dimensional Energy work , you have found the right place, and I look forward to sharing with you what I have uncovered and practice in my own Journey.

Many of you who have found your way here will have had some kind of awakening experience, perhaps through meditation, or perhaps through meeting certain Souls who have switched you back on to your Divine Self. You may be looking for answers, and perhaps healing, as you have re-activated the part of yourself that you might call being a "starseed". A starseed is straightforward, not complicated, and it is a part of yourself that has a relationship with other parts of the Universe , and other dimensions of reality that are presently a total mystery to human beings. 


We are uncovering this together, and it is a work in progress. There is no Hurry, no Rush, as we move forwards on the path as one. The way forward , as a Starseed Soul, or simply an Awakening Human, is to put all your focus and dilligence and time on Self healing, before anything else. Self Healing is clearing out all the debris and hatred, loss of love and forgetfulness from the many past incarnations and otherworldy experiences you have created before this particular Incarnation.


An Incarnation, or our physical existence , is a time when you enter into a much smaller version of yourself, in a Body, yet you also have a connection to other parts of your own self. Understanding this and awakening to this, leads to a meeting with your own "Higher Self". When you have successfully understood and made this connection to your Higher Self, you are then able to communicate with other points of consciousuness, that includes the Angelic Consciousness, Highly evolved guides such as the Hathors, Pleadians, Arcturians and many other guide groups, and energies from other useful places , such as the sun and moon, other planets and much more that is still part of the unfolding mystery of who we are as a species.

It is an ever unfolding spiral, and the most important aspect for you to recognize and live is to be at peace, to be happy and enjoy your life on earth, as fast as possible without delay!

To make this shift, it may be ripe for you to work with a healer, and if you are drawn to work together with myself I am happy to connect with you and walk with you for a while during your unfolding. 

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