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Sacred Sound Ceremonies

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For over ten years I have been offering sound ceremonies at festivals and international venues. These ceremonies are in a way the heart of the healing practice I offer. We work with our voice to tone and free sound together connected to our higher self to unlock areas of deep holding and fear, liberating more spirit and joy and fun.

The voice is the gatweay to spirit, the soul, the higher self or any other name you have for your true self. With the voice we can open the doorway to deep states of release and make a connection with areas of our lives that are not functioning correctly and bring healing to our body, mind and spirit. The Earth, Gaia, is a gateway to incredible amounts of Love and Light, so aswell as travelling "upwards" to spirit, we connect deeply and shamanically with the healing power of nature to unlock light and energy within our own consciousness. Gaia , she is our friend and so when we enter into a circle of singing, toning , mantra and release work , we are able to discover something that has been long forgotten within humanity, Sacred Sound.

The circles that I offer are not a performance and maybe not something you have encountered before in your life, as they do not fit the typical scene of singing together, as you might, in a choir, for example. We go deep, and at times you will find yourself opening to create sounds that are downright disgusting! This is essential, because if we do not allow ourselves to contact these places we lock it away in our hidden places and create havoc in our lives  with the discordant energy we may be holding.

You can see this as Soul Retrieval, and the deepest layer of healing that you can access in any modality in the new age scene. I know this is quite a claim but i stand by it, so if you really want to get free, to unshackle yourself from limiting energies then this workshop/ ceremony is for you. 

I look forward to joining with you at the next circle! 

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