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Charlie Roscoe


The secret of life



Another chapter in the journey of searching for the divine mystical sound... 


Drawing on new ideas and new sonic pastures "The Secret of Life" explores deep emotional themes, combining acoustic and electronic sounds to create a unique album to soothe the mind and feed the soul. 


The words of writer Thomas Moore opens the album celebrating the unknown and mysterious quality of staying true to our creativity. 


Then we dive deeper and see how the sounds of Whale Song, Acoustic guitar, Gamelan, Cellos, Bulgarian Vocals, Balinese jungle, Celitc flutes and much more combine to tease the ears and delight the senses! 


We hope you enjoy the journey!


released September 2, 2017 


All tracks composed by Charlie Roscoe 


with additions by Thomas Moore/Alan Watts/ The Dalia Lama and the Bulgarian Classic choir. 


Charlie plays Acoustic guitar, Balinese flutes, Acoustic percussion and Sampling and Sound design. 


Copyright Divine Sound recordings 2017

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