Sacred cacao and Music ceremonies



Where have you been all my life??

when we prepare pure cacao and mix it with activators like cayenne pepper, herbs and spices … is really amazing.

 Cacao opens a simple doorway into love and also allows us to open up to multi dimensional awareness and see our life from a new perspective. It is genuinely a plant medicine that is seeing a new life since “Keith the chocolate shaman” reminded us all who to use it in a ceremonial format. Thank you!!!


You can use chocolate in any way you like, with a lover, to write a book, to focus your intentions…for myself i have discovered that it is very useful for both music and healing, and sets the stage for deep releases and getting in touch with that primal entheogenic energy. It helps with addictions, depression and low energy levels.It charges and clears the energy field and after a cacao ceremony you should feel cleansed and rejuvenated, especially when you open up to physical touch and emotional release.

 We will share songs and sound healing and process work and get into a great space together. i cant wait to see you at the next circle!