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 starseed activation

Starseed Activation is a 3 hour set of recordings set to a beautiful soundtrack in collaboration with several awesome International sound composers.


Broken up into Information Rich chapters of channelled guidance this package is a deep dive into Spirituality, Starseed knowledge, Enlightenment, Longevity, Higher self Consciousness, opening to Life Purpose and a meeting with The Hathors and Arcturians who share so much around the Journey  of Starseed Awakening.

Starseed Activation covers a very wide range of topics and as a set of channeled recordings and processes is very Information Rich. It may took you several weeks or more to fully integrate all the energies that are locked in to the recordings. However, you can see here the kind of areas that are touched in within each of the Chapters.


   - Multi Dimensional Healing Activation and Knowledege

   - Sacred Sound 

   - Starseed Origins and Knowledge

   - Health and Healing

   - Longevity

   - The process of Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening

   - Living your Life Purpose

   - The truth of the Afterlife and the World of Spirit

   - Release of Multi Dimensional Trauma

   - Ascension and Death and Dying

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Try it out for yourself...listen to a preview of each of the chapters and connect more deeply with Starseed Activation.

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