What is Energy Healing?

Healing is a way of releasing all of the blockages, fears and resistance within our lives that allow us to get stuck, create problems and often times become sick or suffer from a sense that something is not right within us. Each one of us is born free, with a whole life ahead of us, but events can occur that become trapped within us, causing energy to be stuck and any number of problems can arise from this.


Healing is a way of getting unstuck, allowing the energy to move freely again, releasing the past and waking up to all the love, fun, and joy that is available to us when any trauma and past pain is cleared. When we become attracted and interested in Healing we will inevitably learn about and connect to the many ancient masters and beings, both human and non human, that live, forever, in and around the Earth.


It really is a beautiful mystery and none of it can be proven by any of modern science’s technologies. It is all invisible and it is really up to you to decide if it is a path that you are attracted to and believe in.


What kind of Healing do I offer and teach?


The Healing techniques that i practice include  Multi Dimensional Healing, Counselling, Process Pyschology and Life Guidance.  Acting as a conduit for Information,we receive uidance, medical diagnosis and address unconscious patterns, blockages and Trauma.

Can anyone work as a healer?

Each human has a kind of inbuilt technology that they can awaken, develop and work with. We all have a set of Guides, or Spiritual Allies that we can connect to and help other people with. As soon as you have made the decision to try to alleviate suffering and help make changes on the Earth, you will activate this dormant part of yourself. In essence, As you awaken on the path of Healing and being in service, you will remember the connections you have in the spiritual (non-physical) dimension of Life. Some of us may already have connections to extremely powerful and ancient energies that are sleeping like a very positive volcano that can erupt and come forward at the perfect time to assist others. Some of us may need more time, using this life and many more to develop these gifts in the right amount of time that allows our personal healing process to unfold without drama.

What will receiving a healing feel like?

You can come and connect with me to explore this path of healing either in groups or as one to one sessions.

I really recommend attending a group session if you can, as being connected to your brothers and sisters tends to be very uplifting , fun and nourishing. But, you can go very deep also, being held in your process also by booking individual sessions and I also really recommend this.


Take your time to browse the site and become familiar with the opportunities for you within the work that I teach.

I feel in essence, it is simple , we want you to become happy and fulfilled by life!