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Messages Of Light

Messages of Light are beautiful and profound Channelled and Intuitive messages set to music. Many topics are covered and spoken within Sacred Space . Knowledge of Healing and Guidance for the path of Starseeds and Curious and Awakening Souls.

Click on a title to learn more and listen to short previews.

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Messages of Light

Sacred Wisdom and Healing Transmission.

- A Transmission looking at our Life's Journey, exploring Death and Dying, and the Profound possibility of Life Extension and Deeper mastery of Mind , Body and Spirit.

Messages of Light


Hathorian Ceremony

of Remembrance 

A Ceremonial Meditation and 

Healing Transmission , going deep

into Life's Joumey , connected into the Hathor's guidance and energies.

Messages of Light

Awakening To Love 

A Transmission journeying into the Awakening to Love, and the Timeless Process of Cellular Awakening to Enlightenment.

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