-One -to-One Sessions -

I offer one to one work with individuals who are drawn to activate their potential as healers and light workers, aswell as ironing out any personal issues and blockages that can inhibit the life force flowing correctly within the physical and subtle energy bodies.

When you book a session we can work with several modalities


- Energy Healing.

- Channeled Readings 

-Past Life Healing

- Energy Field Repair

- Relationship Cord Healing

-Trauma Release

-Life Coaching/ Abundance Attunements

-Suicide Counselling

-Darkness Release

-Sound Healing

Sometimes, a blockage can be so profound it can take many sessions to access the heart of the issue and come to healing. I take this work very seriously and strive to bring the highest quality to my clients and friends working who come for a healing.  Its magical work and im proud to facilitate healing work with all souls who are choosing to move higher in their evolution.

We are agreeing to life when we open to healing, and the divine can work through our meeting to go as deep as you are ready to go, aswell as how deep I am able to hold you in your process.


I trained in Barbara Brennan Healing science at the U.K based School of Energy Healing founded by Marc Blausten and was mentored by a team of over 8 healers at that time aswell as many meetings with spiritual healers and teachers over the years.

After my Initial Training I became initiated into the Hathor Lineage through Tom kenyon and added Inter Species communication to my abilities, offering an ability to connect to Ancient Star Lineages to facilitate Healing Work.

Most of my Guidance comes from my Higher Self aspect in connection with the Hathor Lineage.

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