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Charlie Roscoe


Awakening Earth



An album of Deep Cinematic and Archiac Ambience. 


Surf the underworld and dive deep into the depths of natures hidden kingdoms 

Deep in the atoms and molecules of the earth you can discover the most precious of all things, who you truly are! 


You are God, The Light, the Heart of all things. 

may these sound journeys help you to discover yourself and find healing, as you bring back all parts of yourself together into the sacred moment. 


with love, charlie and friends. 


all songs written and performed by Charlie Roscoe 

Vocals,celtic flute,guitar,field recording and sound design by c roscoe 

didge on 2,3,4,6 performed by william softmore 

thanks to omnisphere and spectrasonics for sound design


released January 12, 2017 


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